Private plumbing main shutoff location

Hey guys, I thought I might pick the collective brain of NACHI and draw from the well of everybody’s expansive knowledge (is that enough arse kissing? :smiley: )

I don’t get the chance to inspect too many private water supply systems and ran into what I believe to be an issue. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the main water supply shutoff should be located between the entry piping and the pressure tank right? I advised the client that this is not the accepted practice and that a shutoff should be installed in said location.

As it stands, the only shutoffs were located post entry piping/pressure tank.

I don’t think the pictures went through. Let’s try this again.

I see them like that all the time, Jerry…not a problem.:wink:

If you want to drain the pressure tank, shut the well breaker off, close the shut off valve to the rest of the house and open draincock.

Look here:


After the tank. No problem.

Before the tank IS a problem.

The pump might never shut off.

Post shut off is correct. Not that it would really help but the holding tank is supposed to also be the initial water supply for fire fighting. I got this info from the city fire marshall. If someone knows different let me know. Like I said its not much to fight a fire but its a start.

I should have looked at the picture before posting.

It is installed correctly.

Thanks guys.

I was initially thrown off by one of my AHIT inspection books, which I referenced on scene, stating that the shutoff should be located between the tank and the entry piping. I suppose I will call the client to let him know that the instalation is correct, ammend the report, and send him a revised copy.

Kind of embarassing :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

If I were to rough this in I would have put a valve on the main line about a foot from the wall. It would make replacing the pressure tank much easier since you would have to disconnect all the piping going into the pressure tank to do so since there is not a union on the pipe going to the pressure tank.


All mistakes embarrass us. The fact that you admit it will make you more credible.

I hope this is the case. I will call the client on Monday morning and explain the situation. I’m hoping that he will appreciate the effort I put into researching this situation and overlook the mistake

I might call AHIT and tell them that their book is wrong though :wink: