Water Piping

Water supply piping material

Any more gueses

Who’s guessing? :mrgreen:

Well wrong answers are in the lead so my guess is most.

I’m sure they thought they were right.:slight_smile:

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Good question/poll.

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Different forum you must belong to.

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Apparently many got Supply and Distribution confused. Time for several of you to brush up on the SOP, and maybe plumbing in general.

Not even required to call out the piping material anywhere in the plumbing section per the INACHI standards… Weak sauce IMO

Guess I was thinking of the Illinois SOP.

j) When, pursuant to the written agreement with a client, the plumbing system is observed, the home inspector shall describe in detail the interior water supply and distribution systems, including fixtures and faucets, drains, waste and vent systems; water heating equipment and vent systems; flues and chimneys; fuel storage and fuel distribution systems; drainage sumps, sump pumps and related piping; and location of main water and main fuel shut-off valves.

I also call out the water supply distribution type of piping.
I am sure if it is PB 2110, they would like to know about it.
The SOP is not always correct to fully assess the condition of the property for some clients.

I have no doubt you have very detailed reports Marcel and have lots of good information. :smiley:

Right, same here.

Just a word to the wise. Routinely read the “current” INachi SOP. It’s been known to get revised, without notice. ;-):wink:

I guess in this case it’s one of those time where to improve our service to the consumer it would be a good idea to revise it them! n’est pas?