PRO-LAB Mold Tests


Has anybody been having issues with Pro-Lab when placing orders?

We’ve always been very happy with the lab, our sales rep and their service and response times, etc.

However, our last 2 orders for Mold testing AOC’s have been terrible.

Two weeks after we sent in our oder and check, we had received nothing NOR an email telling us the order was enroute, etc. When we called them, we were told they have had some issues with checks (not ours) AND now want payment by credit card OR they wait until your check clears to process your order. **I DON"T HAVE A COMPANY CREDIT CARD: DON"T USE PERSONAL CREDIT CARDS FOR BUSINESS USE (no comingling funds): AND FOR THE PAST 28 YEARS NORMALLY PAY ALL BUSINESS EXPENSES WITH A COMPANY CHECK. **

I checked with our bank and our check had been cleared and funded to Pro-Lab over 5 days before this.

Our 2nd order was mailed from Kansas City on July 16th. When we had not received a confirmation OR ANYTHING else by August 3rd (2.5 weeks later), I checked and according to them / they had NOT received our order. My bank said the check had not been run through, so I put a STOP PAY on it ($25) AND sent a duplicate order out to them by FED EXP ($23 - signature required). Yesterday I got an email telling me they had received my Fed Exp order and to check with our bank and find out when our check had cleared / Then call them so they could send out our order.

If they submit our check promptly and ship ASAP, that will make this order about a 4 week total turn time.

Something does not FEEL right. I’m getting worried about future orders, etc. I’m starting to wonder if they have financial problems OR ???

Anybody been having issues with Pro-Lab when placing orders?

Who else do you use for your Mold Lab Analysis. Pro-Labs reports have always been prompt AND easy for our customers to read / understand?

I quit using them about a year ago. They would call and check up on me and just got annoying. I have enough people calling trying to sell me something. And, I don’t like to pre pay for my sampling media. Most of the time I had to call to see if my results would be on time as I promised my clients 24 hour turnaround. They always said they were being processed and usually within minutes I would get an e-mail with results. I use ESML for all my mold sampling supplies and lab needs. I always get my orders on time or sooner. I’ve never had to call EMSL to inquire about my orders. I get some of my mold lab results within 12-18 hours at no extra charge.

I stopped using Pro-Lab a long time ago too. I wasn’t happy with their analysis results and the turn around time. I switched to EMSL and never had a problem since. The national headquarters is only a couple of minutes away from me and I can drive the samples to the lab for cheaper than what it is to mail them. The result come back to me within hours sometimes. Had one batch the was dropped off and results were emailed to me before I even got home. They bill my company credit card or I just print out a check and give it to them with the samples. All the professional environmental companies around here use them along with the industrial hygenists.

I use EMlabs. free overnight shipping and results real fast. google emlabspk

Couldn’t find ESML price sheet for doing mold air sampling (AOC’s)

Found supply costs but not analysis fees or a sample lab report.

I have to agree with some of the Pro-lab problems, but I have real issues with EMSL too. I purchased a 50 pack of Air o cells, I was not aware of expiration date, they only had 7 mo. left when they sent them. I had some Pro-lab to use up first. The first time I used 3 from EMSL they would not test them due to expiring. I chased this up their food chain. Final result was, tough luck, “you are out $199.00 for 50 out of date air o cells”. Still trying to figure out how to use them as drink coasters. :twisted:

I use a case every 2 months or so. 7 months is a long time to use a case. You can buy smaller amounts if you’re not using that many or use another supplier. Their*** LAB*** service is on time. Cost for air samples is around $24.
Here’s the rep contact info:
Jason McDonald
Regional Account Manager
975 Morrison Dr. Building C, Suite B
Charleston,SC 29403
407-375-9573 Cell

I’ve been using Pro-Lab for almost 4 years with no issues. I send samples out by FedEx and get a confirmation next business day with results the next or less. Condifering transport time from Vermont I don’t imagine anyone could do markedly better.

They call every few months but chances are I’m likely to need something. If I’m to busy to yak I just say so and there’s no hassle.

I use company debit card to pay for supplies so don’t really know about check issue. I have had checks bounce 2 weeks after they were posted to my account as banks can do this so I suppose there’s some rationale. Of course I still take checks and just accept there’s that risk.

I also quit using ProLab, never will again. they called me so much selling supplies it was harassing.

The reps are good there, surprised they didn’t reissue. Mine would have, but I use 50 or more a month.

We have never had any problems with Pro-Lab. We have only used them for about 3 years and have been happy with their services.

I think PRO-LAB is great and I like a rep who calls me regularly to see if I need anything.