Pro Lab?

Must admit even though I do not do mold have always heard nothing but good about EMSL.

The telemarketing thing with the calls even after I begged them to stop really turned me off to Pro Lab if I ever get into the mold thing which for me will only happen if looking to expand profits with a multi-firm situation.

Bob… fyi… EMSL offers FULL Lab services for far more than mold. Mold is a small percentage of all they do.

EMSL seemed a better choice for me considering they have a location about 25 miles away.
Whether I end up doing mold or not depends on when I can get a certification for mold.

On another note though, I am providing lot measures if requested with my laser tape. I have been asked by some people if I thought they could add a detached garage so I now carry a laser tape to do property measures. I let the buyers use the tape so I am not liable and I have the plan review/ permit department numbers for communities in the 7 county metro area on a Word doc that I can include in my report. Small thing but it has been well received when attached to my report.

Lots of opportunities in the inspection profession.

I also use Hayes. Super fast service and always an expert to talk to. I get my supplies from EMSL.

When providing ancillary services requiring lab analysis, the very best advice I can give is to endure that the lab you use is fully accredited in the STATE in which you are taking the samples. This is of paramount importance. National accreditations are on thing, but a state accreditation is the best route to take.

I get a new person every so often calling me from pro lab asking me if I use their services. I have to tell them the same thing over and over. I have and even asked for supplies and more information, going to create an account blah blah blah. Nothing. They also take forever to get results.

So, who’s going to give InspectorLab a shot?

I was wondering when that would come up:D


Funny I got a few calls from Prolabs myself and it just so happens that I have a client that is asking for a Radon test. I think I will call EMSL instead being there is an office on Long Island.