where to order Radon test kit?

where to order Radon test kit such as **[size=2]**CHARCOAL **CANISTERS? any promotion for wholesale?



Yes, EMSL offers special pricing to businesses.

Keep in mind he is in Canada. There may be restrictions purchasing from the U.S.

EMSL has a Canadian lab.


See my post #3 :wink:

Sorry Jeff, I missed it.

Thank you all.
Does any one use Pro-Lab?

I, of course, love PRO-LAB at www.reliablelab.com and yes they have a Canadian office/laboratory in Toronto.


I use ProLab, Dan handles canadian orders. They have lab in Vauhon outside T.O. Nice thing is you don’t have to deal with border and brokerage fees

There is “Partner Program” on their website. One week ago I finished application form and faxed interNACHI certificate, added link on my website, but no response by now. I am wondering if they are reliable for analyzing service.

I attempted to do biz with them (ProLab) about 2-3 years ago. I don’t recall the details, but I never did wind up doing business with them.

(ProLab, if you’re reading this, it is not permission for you to re-commence the incessant daily sales calls) :neutral:

They stink for mold, not sure about radon.

Radon Detect is out Lakefield ,Ontario ,Canada
They have the charcoal cannisters like you are looking for ,but it is sent to the US for lab work.Including in purchase price,just paying shipping.Also sell remediation part.