Problem with HIP house sections


I am working on getting my 4 mock inspections done and have downloaded HIP free trial.

I am unable to figure out how you get the sections of the house for the report. On the tutorial videos on youtube, it clearly shows tabs under the icons such as “open Inspection” and ending with animated tutorials. Under that are tabs with “grading.” “vegetation,” “electrical,” and so forth but I am not able to get those tabs to appear.

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

Thanks, Rob

Did you select a template?

I must have because I have the client information form up and filled out and when I choose a different template, my client information disappears.

You have to open the template you want to use first, then load info. Changing templates changes everything.

Thanks, I’ll just start over as I have not gotten far. Thanks!

Before you just quit, open a 2nd HIP and cut / paste the info into the new one.

Make sure you’re looking at the menus along the VERY top of the program. File, Edit, Internet, Inside House, Outside House, etc.

Hi Dominic, At the very top there is “file” on the left and “about” on the right, and nothing after that. I know what you are talking about for I can see it on the tutorial videos but it is not present on my PC.

Thanks, Rob

I’d reload the program.

You may have opened the blank template and saved it over the default. Give our office a call, 888-750-4777 and they can give you a hand.