Software Problem!!

Has anyone experienced HIP adding a room to the report that was not selected as an inspected room?

I generate my report and a room shows on the report, with comments that I did not add to the inspection. I have selected to not print that room and it still shows. I deleted the entire room from the template and it didnt show up on the print screen so I thought it was fixed…but it still showed up on the generated report!!!

I need to send the report to the client and I cannot get Bedroom 3 to go away!!!

Any advice??? Thanks

Hi Aaron,

Make sure to use the HIP Help desk before here as that’s checked more frequently.

Send the HZF file to the help desk so we can take a look. Some how it sounds like you have a ghosted section in there. You can try writing HIP and reopening to see if it generates properly or merge that with a new report.