Problems with Inspection Report

We had an inspection done just before Christmas to see what all needs to be fixed before we put our house on the market. The report listed several things as problems that are not really problems. I had to spend another $80 for our plumber to come out and counter the plumbing problems he listed in the report. IE: Not a bottom vent in the water heater cabinet, we have one. Not a pressure meter on the main line into the house, we have one. Incorrect drain installed in kitchen, but there is a ptrap, it’s even in the picture he took. Now I’m worried about the validity of the rest of the report. What do I do? We are in Texas. Thanks!

I would call the inspector and get him to go over the report with you and ask when you get to a certain area ask him why the difference with what the plumber says and what his report says .

Thanks. He is going to change some of the wording but that is all he will do, because he says he has to cover himself.