professional help for moldy basement (posted by Erin )

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by **Erin ** (from butler, pa). [/ASKNACHI]Hi, I am trying to research the root of a mold/water problem in my basement. A man from Everdry was here today and he was so rude and pushy about signing w/him right then and there that I decided to research their name. Much to my surprise I found out not only them but many waterproofers are not even able to fix the problem but are also overpricing their work by thousands of dollars. After reading one of your forums I saw that some home inspectors are not even aware that outside water is the main problem. I guess I would like some assistance either in finding an inspector that is fully informed about finding the true source of water leakage or a qualified, honest contractor that is experienced in waterproofing. Thank you for your time.

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These Home Inspectors in your area might be able to help you out. they have mold experiance.


Respectfully I disagree with you. ALL Home Inspectors are trained and are aware of water intrusion.
Check to see that you have positive grading especially where you have the moisture problem and that your downspouts discharge at least six feet away from the foundation walls.

Have you tried a plumber with a camera?
Maybe you have a busted pipe.
OR maybe you have a crack that runs down to the footing(You wont see this with a camera)

I agree with Mario, Inspectors are VERY aware of water intrusion, after all they are glorifed cellars which were never meant to be lived in untill recently when construction methods take the right measures.

You cant expect an inspector to get the one true answer, we aren’t clairvoyant. The problem has to be **Inspected. **
There can be many causes - first try Mario’s suggestions.