House sold recently, was inspected, leaky moldy basement

seller did not disclose any previous or existing problems in basement - don’t mean to be long winded, just trying to explain eh

drip, drip

better view of basement - someone applied at least 2 coats of paint, guessing Drylok before the paneling



i don’t have 2 or 4++ hours to do a longer water test lol, i don’t get paid $ for these est’s or the time i take doing the water tests i do

Sometimes i dig it down 1’ or so where homeowners first get–see water inside on floor in order to see if there’s an ext-crack (top of vertical crack) and i did that here in 3 areas a few weeks ago as it was snowing lol… I found someone applied tar and a membrane on UPPER 1’ so, they might have done full excavation n waterproofing or as we have seen pretty often, they might have only dug it down 1 or 2 ish feet.
here’s WHY i sometimes dig it down a bit, exterior crack block wall

IF they did full excavation and waterproofed everything correctly then doing–that, fixed the ext-cracks, cracked parging in wall where water was also coming in which would explain some of the mold, efflorescence, wood rot 2 x 4’s, some of the stains in carpet further away from the leaky window

One other point for this and some other leaky basements is, why tell people to just add soil and raise n slope the grade? The grade here was raised 2 bricks high. Adding soil won’t FIND or fix a leaky window and also doesn’t identify the possibility of water getting in through above grade mortar joints, openings where AC hose goes in and openings around electric line, some water is getting in through those as well