basement water intrusion and mold

I have attached a few pictures of water intrusion and mold in the basement of a home I just walked through. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct these issues?

Water intrusion yes, but mold? Looks more like algae. It is not your job to suggest remedy. It is your job to defer to a qualified foundation contractor for review and remedy.

You have a picture of the issue.
What did you determine as the “Source”?

You can’t tell that in a picture. Right?

How do you fix anything if you don’t know the cause?

If you’re in or near Detroit, Mark Anderson can help with source and remedy. He also goes by “Bubba”.

He is top notch at basement water leak/problems.

Maybe he’ll see this post.

In the mean time, would you go up and click on control panel above and fill out your location, please. It helps with getting better answers.

Mold/Algae, all caused by the same culprit. Moisture
Take care of the root of the problem. Water infiltration of the block work foundation from the exterior.

Waterproof the foundation and should take care of the problem.

I’m sure he’ll suggest bringing in dirt & sloping it away from the house, and also adding downspout extensions :cool:

If that doesn’t help, I’m sure he’ll suggest an interior waterproofing company like B-Dry or EverDry :smiley:

Them’s fightin’ words