Prolab radon testing

Has anyone used ProLab for radon analysis? How was your experience?

I, of course, love PRO-LAB.

I’ve used the ProLab water analysis kits for personal use.
I’ve used the ProLab radon test on my basement.
I like the test kits.

Just my two cents on the kits.

ProLab kit cost 12.95
To make a stand alone radon test worthwhile to perform I would like to see $125 +
48+ hours to perform the test and a couple days to recieve the results places you around 96 hours for a radon test.

Most inspectors in my area that ive talked to that do radon testing use actual equipment and can give the results the day they finish the test, placing them around 50 hours.

Most areas require you to be licensed to perform radon testing for monetary compensation.
I currently subcontract out all of my radon testing, I have contact with 4 inspectors that do radon test. Since I work in 2 states I have a primary and a backup for each state. If the client declines to hire me for my fee then I offer an alternative solution of selling them the ProLab kit so they can preform the radon test themselves. I further explain that their results may drastically vary from that of a radon test preformed by a licensed radon professional.

Iowa requires a License to test for radon?

State Certification

Make sure that, when you charge for a radon test or represent that it is an accurate one, that the lab supplying the kit and performing the analysis is accredited by the state in which you are performing the test.

Used them once about a year ago wih no problems except the result was high levels & it was my daughters house.
I have another test in a home as we speak. Will be picking it up on Monday.