Proof of Proctored Exam

How many are having problems with deficiency with license for proof of exam? I sent the exam proof of grade in and they said they have it but I still received a deficiency. They said someone would call me in about 5 weeks.

Already ahead of you.
Nick is working on the issue. (Advised 07-14-2010)
I may need to revise the exam notice - this very well be my fault.
But need to let Nick communicate with the DBPR to determine the exact solution.
I have provided Nick with all existing Florida InterNACHI members’ names, scores, exam date, and InterNACHI ID Numbers.

From what I have had reported to me personally by my members’:
One inspector had his flagged because he had not signed and dated the notice to validate it.
One inspector stated the DBPR wanted the exam result on letterhead??

Florida InterNACHI is a new Association and was not introduced in writing to the DBPR simply because their was not avenue for such introduction (but I was present and participated actively at the meeting, signed in, and addressed myself as FloridaInterNACHI Pres) during the Rule Making sessions. Nick had had many conversations and e-mails to document our Association creation.
FHIC (Florida Home Inspectors Council) was asked by the DBPR to submit a list of " other Known Associations" and InterNACHI’s representative asked that Florida InterNACHI be included on that list.

Nick will figure out what the DBPR wants exactly.

I sent my and my husbands applications in yesterday - along with our exam result report and certificate. So we’re in the same boat as everyone else. Although we each have many many more than the min. required 120 inspections to submit - we do not want to have to go to that extra expense of submission.

OK, ZOE, I know you and Nick will fix the problem. I have faith in you and Nick. :slight_smile:

Nick, HELP!!!:shock:

Copies are being rejected. You must submit an original statement on FloridaInterNACHI letterhead from Zoe (the proctor) with Zoe’s original signature on it, stating the exam you passed was proctored. It must also be dated.

Will Zoe send them to us?

She will now.

Thank you!

I am going to contact the DBPR in the mroning before I re-print, personally sign, and mail 110 letters.
Keep in mind Alfred, you did not sign and date yours to authenticate it.

Thank you Zoe.

Please send a signed original asap. I have my application ready to mail out but I will now wait for the original.

Al Brock

Our first 2 Licensed Home Inspectors from Florida InbterNACHI are
Robert Capello - Broward County Lic # 20
and Don Vieman - Manatee County Lc # 5.

Robert’s application was approved by using the Exam Result Certification letter originally issued.
It is very important that you sign and date before you send it in.


Please send me a signed original as well. I mailed in my application on July 1 st (application #18 and had the same deficiency noted. I am anxious to resolve the matter without further delay.

Thank you

Hello Zoe,

I too am ready to send the package but need an original.
Thank you

Me too Zoe, Thanks for all you do.

Robert’s application was approved by using the Exam Result Certification letter originally issued.
It is very important that you sign and date before you send it in.


Has it been determined what exactly the DBPR is accepting. If Roberts application was accepted using the Exam Result Certificate, is there any reason to believe that the DBPR would not accept other applications using the same Certificate? Have you been specifically told that we need to submit something different than the Certificate on InterNACHI letterhead, signed by you? Does this need to be an original signed by you, or not?

I originally submitted my application with the Exam Result Certificate and was rejected. However, I did not sign and date mine, as I did not notice that there was a place to do so until after getting my deficiency notice. On Friday I faxed them a signed and dated Certificate and am curious if you think that it will suffice.

Thanking you in advance

My application shows as deficient - I submitted the certification sent to me and mine was signed and dated by me and Zoe??? Any thoughts?


Anybody out there. Could we get an update please.

Zoe - have you mailed anything out yet? Has Nick resolved the matter with DBPR

I’m a little bent that no one from InterNachi has replied to my post, or responded and updated us regarding their previous post. I have answered my own question through contacting the DBPR, but feel someone from InterNachi should have posted an update on this matter. You may have the answer but we are left hanging, and wondering what has been, and has not been resolved. Last post from Zoe was that she may need to send out 110 new letters. Well, have they been sent out ----are they needed? what is the status with the DPBR ? — As members we count on you people as an information highway — right now there is a traffic jam, and no one has informed us on the status of the State accepting the proctored exam paperwork that we were given, and submitted with our application. I have read numerous post insinuating that we may need to make an addendum to our application (ie an original exam certificate on Nachi letterhead), then nothing else has transcended. You may know the answers, but we can’t read your mind. Please don’t start or take part in the threads and then just leave us hanging. I have contacted the State, and i know the status, but why hasn’t someone with eminent knowledge posted an update. My application for new licensure was flagged as deficient due to the State’s unawareness of the existence of Florida InterNACHI’s proctored exam. Sure, I have my answers now, but a simple post would have saved me and others a lot of aggrevation. I feel someone has dropped the ball. Its obvious that interNACHI has contacted the State regarding this matter, but I only know this through my own efforts and communication with the DBPR. After 3 days of no response from InterNACHI - Not a happy camper - but still support InterNACHI. We all have to vent our frustrations from time to time, so I appologize in advance.

Dennis, I post every correspondence we receive from your state upon receipt, so you know as much or more than me.

The State cannot release to InterNACHI any information about anyone’s application. Only you can find out information about your application. No one here can do it for you.

Here is the latest email response from the DBPR in response to my inquiry: I have no more information than what the DBPR emails me (I don’t do phones with government agencies) and I post it all in both this licensing forum and in the Florida forum as soon as we receive it.

Also, I don’t ever post such announcements within a thread started by someone other than me for fear members wouldn’t notice it. I always start a new thread, and if important, I put it at the top of

Also, I can’t read every post on the message board, so if you need me for anything email me at and tell me what thread you need me to visit.

I sympathize with your complaints but I’m afraid my policies are not going to change. Those being:

  1. I try to get all government correspondence in writing instead of by phone. For example, I even go as far as posting the actual approvals for courses in the right column of
  2. I post it all as soon as I get it.
  3. I post by starting entirely new threads (not finding every other member’s thread that may be discussing the topic).
  4. If it’s important, I’ll also put it at the top of
  5. I don’t claim or guarantee I’ll read every post made on the message board (but I do answer every email sent to

Sorry. These policies have worked well over time and I don’t think I’ll veer from them anytime soon.