Florida interNACHI Exam

The final count is in from the first exam
We tested 42 applicants
Those who passed the first time taking the test :::
24 - made a 90 or better That’s 57 %
13 made an 80 or better That’s 31%
5 failed the first attempt:: That’s 12%
Of those 5 - 2 passed the second try with 80 or better
1- failed the second try
and 2 did not re-test
Of those who failed the first time only 40% of them were able to pass with a re-take.
No one who re-takes the exam takes the same test twice.

Most of the participants in this first examination - were interNACHI members of 5 years or better.

I have received enough interest responses to set up for Ft. Myers, Miami, Tallahassee, Titusville, Pensacola / Tallahassee and a repeat in the Tampa area.
I will have the final sites and times / dates information of ready to post by Monday evening.

The instructions for you to follow to communicate your interested in taking this exam are very clearly posted on the Florida interNACHI web site created by Nick.
You must provide::
Your Name
Company Name
Mailing Address
Phone Number
NACHI ID number if you have one
If you are representing multiple applicants - then I need that same information for each person.

As I receive your e-mail stating you are interested in joining Florida interNACHI - I will coordinate a test site based on geographical area demand.

First wave of examinations will be conducted the month of June and then be repeated as interest and demand dictate, until February 2011. Once initial examination is completed - new applicants will be able to join Florida interNACHI and take the exam twice per year at our Educational seminars.

Please keep in mind - you are not required to join Florida interNACHI to retain your InterNACHI membership / certification. But you MUST either be or become an interNACHI certified member in good standing to qualify as a Florida interNACHI certified member in addition to passing the proctored exam.


Now that is INCREDIBLE—:shock:

Thanks for info. Do the inspector’s that fail have to pay for re-test? I want to take the test in Ft Myers this month.

Thanks, Bill

Just proves what we have been saying for years.

Thank you Zoe, That is interesting.

Zoe told me that the only person to fail twice wasn’t an InterNACHI member, he was a Florida licensed General Contractor.

Just proves what we have been saying for years.

Thanks for the test Zoe. It was very nice meeting you. I look forward to going to the chapter meetings.

Thanks again,

Steve Milek
Attention To Detail Home Inspections

Hey Nick,
Was that Mike M?:smiley:

Will the state accept this test as the one to be licensed as a Home Inspector? I don’t see anything in the bill about any specific tests yet. Just curious why people are taking it.

I guess you will have to take some type of test if you do not have:
**120 Home inspection reports **
14 hours of HI class
**3 years of experiance **
Lots of money to spare for a license

** Are the ones taking the exam do not have 120 HI done?? What is the deal??**

Good question?
[FONT=Arial]To: All Interested Parties,[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]The Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Home Inspectors’/Mold Related Services Licensing Programs has received your comments/suggestions from the May 5, 2010 rules workshop. We greatly appreciate your assistance as we develop the guidelines and policies for licensing and regulation of these new professions. [/FONT][FONT=Arial] [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]On May 26, 2010, the Governor signed House Bill 713 into law making revisions that will affect the definition of the term “home inspection”, exam requirements, criminal history checks, fees, unlicensed activity, [/FONT][FONT=Arial]and [/FONT][FONT=Arial]Grandfathering in addition to other changes. The licensing staff has [/FONT][FONT=Arial]analyzed[/FONT][FONT=Arial] hundreds of emails in response to the workshop and incorporated relevant changes to the rules. We are now ready to move forward with the approval process. After the department has finalized its approval, the language will be made public as part of the rulemaking process. [/FONT][FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]The department staff continues to be impressed with the amount of concern for the public and offers of assistance in dealing with these new areas of licensure. Your participation has greatly helped shape the rules for the professions and will assist in protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public. [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Again, thank you very much for your participation and support.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Rick Morrison, Executive Director
[/FONT][FONT=Arial]Department of Business and Professional Regulation
[/FONT][FONT=Arial]1940 N. Monroe Street
[/FONT][FONT=Arial]Tallahassee[/FONT][FONT=Arial], Florida 32399
[/FONT][FONT=Arial]850.922.0336 (office)
[/FONT][FONT=Arial]850.922.2918 (fax)
[FONT=Times New Roman] 468.8324 Grandfather clause.-
(1) A person who performs home inspection services as
defined in this part may qualify for licensure to be licensed by
**the department as a home inspector if the person submits his or **
her application to the department by March 1, 2011, whether ******
postmarked or delivered by that date, and if the person:
meets **
the licensure requirements of this part by July 1, 2010.
(a) Is certified as a home inspector by a state or
national association that requires, for such certification,
successful completion of a proctored examination on home
inspection services and completes at least 14 hours of
verifiable education on such services; or
(b) At the time of application, has at least 3 years of
experience as a home inspector and completes at least 14 hours
of verifiable education on home inspection services. To
establish the 3 years of experience, an applicant must submit at
least 120 home inspection reports prepared by the applicant.
(2) The department may investigate the validity of a home
inspection report submitted under paragraph (1)(b) and, if the
applicant submits a false report, may take disciplinary action
against the applicant under s. 468.832(1)(e) or (g).
(3) An applicant may not qualify for licensure under this
section if he or she has had a home inspector license or a
license in any related field revoked at any time or suspended
within the previous 5 years or has been assessed a fine that
exceeds $500 within the previous 5 years. For purposes of this
subsection, a license in a related field includes, but is not
limited to, licensure in real estate, construction, mold-related
services, or building code administration or inspection.
(4) An applicant for licensure under this section must
comply with the criminal history, good moral character, and
insurance requirements of this part.

You have a year to apply.

Where does the $100.00 go to have the exam “Officialy Proctored”

Proctor: one appointed to supervise students (as at an examination)

**Q: **Where can I take InterNACHI’s Inspector Exam (proctored version)?
A: You can schedule it by contacting Zoe Fackler at flnachi@verizon.net. Take the free, online version for practice (there are nearly 7 trillion different versions, so each one is different). The exam is free, but it costs $100 to have it officially proctored.


You run a business, so it should be pretty obvious.

Nachi provides the exam at no cost to the taker.

The person(s) that actually provides the proctoring has expenses to provide the “proctored” exam, for which you pay for. I would expect a wage to be included in the fee, as (they) travel the state to provide the proctored exam to you.

Fair enough who is that person or persons proctoring the exam? What are the qualifications and can any one proctor the exam?

Zoe Fackler… Refer to post #1

Again what are the qualifications and can anyone proctor a exam???

Not just anyone can proctor ours. We designate who is in charge of proctoring our exams. In some cases, such as in Illinois (where we use proctors for every CE exam), the state’s licensing department also has to approve our inspection exam proctors.

Thanks Nick what are the qualifications? Can I proctor exams and how are the $100.00 official proctoring fees paid out?

Ask Zoe. Our exam is free. The proctoring fees are paid directly to Zoe, InterNACHI doesn’t take any of the money (and in fact we even pay for the venue).