Licensing problem

I need some input as to what to do. I took the AHIT master course back in july and passed it, recieved my certificate. I took the NHIE and passed it as well. Got my certificate. I send everything to the state for my liscense and today recieved a letter that stated because I took the AHIT course before it was recognized by florida even though now it is I would need enroll in a 120 pre-licensing course that has been approved by this department. Then stated I could apply as licensure by grandfathering. Anyone know what I should do? Is there some quick fix I can do to get this taken care of? Thanks for any input.

Bang out the continuing ed online if that is all you need. Call me if you want some tips on how to do it pretty quickly. Good Luck

Michael thanks for replying, I did the wind mit class which is 16 hours, I only needed 14, the question I guess would be is the NAIE exam considered a proctored state or national association exam?

? I am not familar with NAIE.

I hope this does not win me another trophy :slight_smile:

It is the National Home Inspector Examination which florida requires for new licensing.

Do the Florida Internachi test. Email Zoe Fackler.

I would also call AHIT and see if there is anything they can do. I’m sure you paid good money for their course.

It is my understanding that the NHIE is a requirement for entry into some of the other National Inspection Societies, but it is not used for InterNACHI. The question is, will the state accept a proctored exam from one organization and the 14 continuing ed from another. I dont know for sure, but my guess is that they would not. I suggest that you contact Rick Morrison (Executive Director) at DBPR ---- I have had much success with getting him on the phone - he processes the HI applications — Like mike said - take the InterNACHI course before its too late - go to this site and click on Chapter Events to see the remaining dates and locations. You can register online - I believe that there is a Fort Myers, Orlando and a “loc. to be announced” left before the deadline. You are gaureenteed to pass this test, as it is the same material as InterNACHI’s entrance exam. Goo Luck

You never know

You don’t need to take another test. The NHIE is recognized by everyone except NACHI. It doesn’t matter where your education or proctored test was taken. I took the test with FABI in 2004 and sent in my certificate from Inspection World in 2002 for my education. Both were accepted.

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Since the “grandfathering-in” process is coming to an end, what else do you need to do to get licensed after you pass the proctored exam?

You will need to submit proof of at least 14 hours of verifiable education related to home inspections that reflects course type and hours. submit proof of being of passing the proctored exam. attach copy of certification of membership, attach exam results, complete electronic fingerprint background check.

I am still waiting for the state to call me back on the NHIE exam as an answer of is that considered a proctored exam which I believe it is. I requested Richard Morrison call me direct to clear up all the confusion.

Don’t forget to check the block on the application where it asked if you have any aka names as well. One of my certificates did not have my full legal name and it caused me a problem but they were quick to get this back to me and corrected. You are dealing with a government agency, do not expect them to extrapolate information or ANYTHING from your papers. Any little question mark in their minds causes the process to tilt.

Scott, read

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Thanks Nick, I read that last night but before I drive all the way down to either orlando or Ft. Meyers from up in the panhandle I wanted to see if that NHIE exam that Florida accepts will work, If for whatever reason they change their minds and decide now that they wont take it then I will be going to one of those exams I guess. Its like the state has no clue what they want to accept, you get a different answer each time you call there, thats why i am waiting to talk to Richard Morris over there.

No. The DBPR doesn’t grandfather anyone based on passing a proctored exam. They grandfather based on being a member of a state or national association that requires a proctored exam. The only state or national association that requires a proctored exam for all its members is Florida InterNACHI.


Why the heck do they have on their site that you have to take and pass the NHIE exam.

That’s for licensing, not grandfathering. Don’t confuse the two.

For grandfathering you have to join Florida InterNACHI. You can pass every dang proctored exam in the Universe, but you still have to join Florida InterNACHI and pass InterNACHI’s proctored exam to get grandfathered.