propane gas logs/boom sound

hello, i have a 1 year old set of propane gas logs. The first problem i had was moisture got in the regulator which cause them to go out when the temp got under freezing would restart when temps went up. dried it out and they worked fine until tonight. Heard a boom noise that we could feel and logs went out, nothing on fire and not an explosion so lit them again. after about 30 minutes with just the pilot onanother boom and the logs out again. could this be a faulty regulator from it getting wet? also a slight smell of gas when this happens.logs light perfect and burn great and ths happens with just the pilot light on.


The logs must be in a very specific location. If they are not placed correctly, they can block the gas holes which can send the gas to the far end of the pipe before it is ignited. It could be the valves are not fully open and there is low gas pressure. It could be a small leak in the burner that puts the gas away from the normal ignition point. It could be a bad ignitor. It could be bad electronics that affect the valve opening / ignition sequence.

It could be any number of things. Call a local fireplace company and have a service call. Homeowner repairs should never be attempted when gas is involved. If you have to ask here, you aren’t qualified. Get professional help.