Cutler Hammer Breakers

Anyone have experience with these Cutler Hammer breakers? It seems to me like the wire should go under the metal plate not the screw. There are two panels in this house wired this way.

I can’t find any info on this particular breaker. Says issue KU-591 on it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I have always called that out as an improper installation, recommend repair as needed by licensed professional. The wires should be under the plate, the bottom one on your first pick looks like it’s about to come out. Any heat expansion/contraction and it will. Hell, they even made it twice as bad with a double tap on the one above it. I have typically only seen this setup with handyman work.

Those CH breakers with metal feet are approves for two conductors. It is not a double tap. And those are fixed plates. The wire DOES NOT go under the plate. It goes between the plate and screw as shown.

It looks like some of the screws have been replaced. The heads are smaller on some, and don’t support the wires very good. Double-tap is ok.

First photo, bottom breaker. Wow.

Thanks for the help guys. Doesn’t seem like a very good design, but based on the reply’s it sounds like it’s a proper install.

Anyone know of any issues with these screws coming loose? Some of them don’t look like they have much holding the wires securely.

Sorry guys, but my research I did years ago tells me that the metal claw foot CH breaker does not allow two conductors. It is the plastic foot CH breaker with an oval pressure plate connection point that allows this.

Ch120 plastic foot.jpg

My bad, guess I have never ran across that one. Always good to learn something new!

Bradley, is the top breaker in the first two photos the type you have learned that allows two conductors?

Panel from today had nice mixture/example of both types. metal and plastic feet.

Also note conductors terminate at breakers with metal feet same as the OP photos.

Yes, the plastic foot breaker is listed for two conductors. The metal feet breakers are older and not produced anymore.

Thanks. I’m glad to finally get some real clarification on which CH Breakers allow two conductors. There’s been a lot of discussion on this message board from other inspectors and Electricians with multiple different viewpoints but no real answer.