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Watching next door the Landscapers put in a sprinkler system. I know the house pretty well, having helped previous owner before he passed away.
Back to subject, I noticed that Landscapers had to re-open access to basement water line, flippers really fixed the place up, I see a PVC pipe coming out where old line was.
Just want to ask here before I say something, but wouldn’t it be best to bring out the galvanized line and then hook up the sprinnklers? We have deep freeze still even without snow

If you’re not making any money on it say nothing.


Doesn’t matter what kind of plumbing it is if it’s full of water when it freezes, it will still split open.


You do not want to add galvanized pipe to any potable water supply pipe. PVC is fine if it is buried. Any exposed water pipe should be insulated if exposed. Unless, the exposed pipe is for the sprinkler system only which is usually shut-down for the winter.

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If you live in an area that has freezing weather the irrigation system needs to be drained and flushed of all water at the end of the season. You said you live in an area that has a deep freeze.

Sprinkler heads are located at the surface of the soil so it doesn’t matter what kind of pipe or distance below grade the pipe is as it exits the house.

Just drain and flush the entire system. I’d be more concerned with the back flow preventer in the irrigation system or lack of.


Thanks Everybody. I got the answers I was looking for. I’ll just let things develop and watch the progress. Sort of a distant outdoor plumbing lessons.
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