Exterior Sump

I’ve never seen this type of installation with the sump pit at the exterior of the home. The pit was about 5’ down and the access was covered with plywood. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? My main concern is the possibility of freezing. I had to remove the top section of the discharge line, connected using rubber tubing and clamps, to get a visual of the pit.


They probably had no drain tile installed and the water would sit underground next to the foundation. Their simple fix was to dig a pit and pump out the excess water before it would enter through the foundation.


I believe that is the case too. But I’m wondering if this type of installation has been seen by any other inspectors and what was recommended if anything.

I just did a condo development where everyone was getting them because their patio’s were below ground and bringing water issues to the interior.


I have seen a few here on the outside and yes it is a concern to freeze and the plywood cover is not the best option. Sounds like a homeowner or a handyman special.

I would also inquire or find out if the local jurisdiction allows this type of install.

I would call it out and have a plumber review or tell them to poor some antifreeze in the crock.:slight_smile:

One thqat I say was at the bottom of the exterior steps and there was a foot of snow. I almost fell in the darn thing!!

Heh, and make sure to pour antifreeze in each time the pump operates.:shock:

Thanks for the reply’s guys.

Recommend protecting it from freezing and a fall hazard.

I have seen them as new installs when water infiltration was a problem into basements…1 pump in 1pump out,in ohio i sure wouldn’t worry about a freeze problem 5 ’ down…maybe at the north pole…that might be an issue…here once you are below 3’ you’re usually ok…jmo…jim

Thanks for the reply’s guys.

Let me see if I can dig up a few pics

Here they are and yes water was getting in the floor vents

Vince, the only thing I would really (safety hazard) worry about is the “fall in the well syndrone”. If you dig a whole in your back yard you can be sure that something is going to fall in it. 5’ here is like having an open cistern or cess pool. Not allowed. Must be covered with secured top.
My uncle (a plumber) use to accidently fall in any open hole, my grandfather called it “fall in the well syncrone”.

I inspected a home with an outdoor sump, with drain lines feeding into it from the crawlspace. The owner/builder didn’t want to service the pump under the house, so he rigged it up that way. This was in an area prone to flooding. And Yeah, it also had the plywood lid! :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel