Sump pump discharge piple/line..... froZen lolllllll

… and water backs up into basement, sQQQQQQuirting out of connections/joints, so video shows one reason WHY this can happen

gee, ya TINK they coulda dug down a tad more, lollll = weak stuff from the ‘professional’ inside system dorks again (basement has an interior system that was not needed, at all)

how about this place, running an estimate tomorrow, they bought house about 5 months ago, leaks lol
4423 PINE TREE TRL, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-1861 | MLS 40213449 | Listing Information | Real Living Kee Realty | Real Living Kee Realty (has block B walls)

whatever the real problem turns out to be, maybe i should bid around… $100,000 in order to be competitive with the inside drainage system co’s

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Had one a couple weeks ago…amazing things can actually freeze in the winter time…whooda thunk ???


jjjjiiimmmmmmYYYY looololll how ya doing man?

Air gap is missing, termination should be to daylight not buried underground:



Living the dream Partner …all good here !

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Siiiiiiimon! lol yes. Why would the so-called ‘professionals’ install this interior system and sump pump (and countless others) when it’s not at all necessary and ummm did NOT stop the water from entering and installed that piece of crap discharge line etc

Mark, quit asking me silly questions! :rofl: :man_shrugging:

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per the Kee Realty, Bloomfield Hills link above, estimate day was today lol

Sellers hired someone who installed an interior basement drainage system, did IT stop the water from entering and what about efflorescence? They also have fairly high radon gas level inside, hmmm, how might higher levels of radon gas be entering? well lets see the vid’s


there are gaps aka openings on exterior of block walls where the lines/pipes come through wall and radon gas can enter through that crap as does water n salts and note the HOLES that were drilled in the blocks. That makes it easier for radon gas to enter basement through exterior cracks etc in walls.

outside view, this puppy is a deeper one, much of the dig is between 8 - 9’ deep so don’t be guzzling whiskey the night before

and notice how LOW the house sits versus street lol, sheesh, what moron builder would slap a house up here (others like this) and NOT waterproof the exterior basement walls and not install a sump pump-- INT system Co did not, they broke up floor to floor drain and diverted some of the water, there lollll

And what about the city inspection when built? Not waterproof n correctly backfill the exterior walls, no sump etc

1:20 mark, any thoughts under the furnace

He already had Foundation systems of Michigan , FSM, out and they wanted to install THEIR version of an interior drainage system and they told homeowners they’d cover aka hide/conceal most of the B walls inside basement with ‘pretty white paneling’, their estimate was MORE than baldy bid