Proper distance of EM from HOT TUB

What is the proper distance of the electrical meter from a HOT tub?

Not that close anyways! GFCI outlet can only be 6 ft according to NEC 2008.

Gosh!! That is asking alot, the receptacle next to the HOT tub was not protected and it was even OPEN GROUND. This install was in MO in a 5 year old house.

Under the 2008 and earlier editions the meter is not a problem. 2011 requires any metal within 5 feet of the water to be bonded.

If this house is five years old then the meter is not a problem. It is sealed in a metal enclosure but a duplex receptacles has exposed openings (the slots) therefore it can be no closer than 6 feet but at one time it was allowed to be within 5 feet but it must in all cases be GFCI protected.

I was going to ask if the metallic parts within 5’ of the hot tub were equipotentially bonded, that was until I read this post. :roll:

Is that not how they do it in Kansas?:slight_smile: