Proper use of engineered wood I joists

I would love it if someone could confirm this for me…I believe the engineered wood I joists, as I call them, are only to be used indoors, is that true?

Additionally, the certainly are not to be used in a vertical manner?

Thank you Forum!

What does the specific manufacturer have to say? Their opinion is the only one that matters.


What Jeff said !

Thanks Jeff for the quick reply.

It was located under a front porch that was secured. I could only stick arm between the lattice and take pics.

OSB will not hold up in a damp environment, It will deteriorate at a fast rate.
And no they are not designed to be used as a post.


Yea that’s not going to hold up over time.

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The homeowner “will never see or know it” special :slight_smile:

At least not for a couple of years. :shushing_face:

You guys are the best…Thank You

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Gee, you don’t often see spaced sheathing used for floors.

My wife and I looked at a house to buy a couple years ago and there was a non permitted 2 bay carport. I found all of the studs were vertical I joists and all the roof framing was made up of I joists as well. I wasn’t impressed.

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He must have pulled them out of a dumpster somewhere and thought he would build something out of them, A carport.

But not exposed to the weather like a carport. They also use them for rafters.