Proposed inspection bill

Something I just read that’s in the law. Current inspectors that have been in business for 3 or more years do not have to complete the 80 hours of training but DO have to take the national exam and having a peer review. What the hell is a peer review. Also, how will there be any peers if no one is considered a licensed inspector without a peer review. Maybe they will use real estate agents. Also, my favorite item in the law is there is no insurance requirements. Instead there will be a state run recovery fund to pay out judgments against inspectors. That’s real cute. The license will be $250 for 3 years. I have no idea how they plan on funding any of this ****.

I have zero faith that this will be good for us in any way.

Matt, Do you know when the next hearing is? I can’t find anything on-line.

An initial peer review panel can be set up by an independent 3rd party entity. As an example when the NCA, now NHICC set up its peer review it was done through an ASHI group where the inspectors performed an onsite inspection of a home with know defects. One must report on 80% or better of those significant defects. General questions are typically asked of the inspectors where the panel represents the home buyer questioning general knowledge of inspections such as why the need of function for GFCI, etc.

Btw: NCA = National Certification Authourity
NHICC = National Home Inspector Certification Authourity
A Canadian entity thing…

Sounds like a pain in the rear that costs money. Great, can’t wait.

It has done nothing in VT but become a cash grab for the state. Because…after the initial certification, the fees went up 100%. They don’t have the manpower to administer it properly, can barely follow up on complaints and are certainly not in a position to be proactive about it with anything. VT is now looking at certifying contractors. This should be good as a 1/3 of the workforce here is most likely seasonal or labor, with a high concentration of “contractors”. Yes, they do create and build the issues, but unless you can administer something properly, it just looks like a giant cash grab. Enjoy and be ready to pull the hair out of your head!

Attached are some documents concerning HB211.

I have the current version of HB211 also, but it’s to large to post here.
If you want a copy, email me and I will forward it to yoou.

Sub Bill Comparative Doc.pdf (155 KB)

HB 211 Fiscal Notes.pdf (183 KB)