Public record search?

Do you include a public record search in your inspection report?
These days most of this is online so it is pretty easy to see what permits were pulled and closed. That might help you evaluate some of these renovations. In Lee County Florida the permit search will also show who the contractor was, the inspectors and the dates everything happened. You can also look on the property appraiser site to get aerial photos, liens and transfer details.


I believe my agreement asked them for an additional $ 75.00 if they would like us to do a Permit Search for them…to date I have not had any accept the fee for it…now being online would make it a good thing but do you have any idea where we would check to see which counties are online…

I called our local clerks office and this is what she said…Ahh…Sir I don’t know, I just work here I dont do the internet stuff…

Just so you know…she WAS the county clerk…so I guess depending on where you live it may be easier than other places…I wish they would because I would be able to add value for it…more value is more profit and that makes me happy…:slight_smile:

Great Point…I am going to go down their and look into it in more detail.

Also anyone tried out and done a home value search…I tried it in my area and nothing came up…but some of you in larger areas may want to try it…

Zillow looks like what we get from the property appraiser site. I guess they buy it from anyone who is online. The fact that your area is not there probably means they are not.

I tried it and it said that an investment house that I sold in Phx less than a year ago was worth 160k more than I sold it for…I would say that is a bit skewed…

It also said that the house I lived in 4 years ago was worth 200k more than I sold it for.

If this is true…I’m killing myself tomorrow…anyone want my new ladder?

My area here in Colorado didn’t come up yet either…I don’t think it necessarily means the records aren’t available online…I just think they prioritized the areas they wanted to be available when they launched, the rest of the areas will be added eventually.

I spoke with a realtor today about the future of Appraisers…he says that even now some banks are using sites like this instead of getting appraisals…is this the future? I bet the appraisers hope not :wink:

Don’t kill yourself Tony.

It showed mine $25,000 below what it would go for and also showed it as being located over the local drainage culvert.

They were ONLY 2 lots off. But it’s ballpark ok I guess!:roll:

This thing is a computer roll up of available online data. They have my Florida house pretty close to right (what the county has on their web site) although they missed “waterfront” so the appraisal is wrong. I hope the county tax man is confused too.
Zillow isn’t even close on my old house in Md. They have the addition I put on as the total floor space and a half acre lot as 1000 sq/ft (the size of the driveway I poured). Obviously old permit data is all they are working on.