Wires in - Main Panel...Need help with the writeup

Looks like the wires were for a near by Jacuzzi …
What is a good write up for wires in the Main Panel not correctly secured ?


Wires in service disconnect panel board were not correctly secured. I recommend that a Qualified electrician make corrections, as needed, for a safe panel board.


Thank you Larry !!!

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Welcome, David! :smile:

They are taped up and out of the way. Why do you think anything needs to be done?


I am not seeing any issue with it.


I see an ugly mess but not really a code problem, what do you mean by not secured, no cable ties?

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Neither am I.


I agree with the consensus of the group - sloppy work yes, but presently not a safety hazard or improper.


They appear to have been attached to the vacant breaker next to them. The question is, what did they disconnect? A hot-tub? Is whatever has been disconnected included in the sale of the property? If not simply write “Conductors in main panel terminated improperly. Recommend repair by a licensed electrician”. And include it in the summary under “Potential Safety Hazards”. It never hurts to make certain they are aware of the defect.

How are these any different than conductors in a junction box that are unused? What hazard do you think exists?

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Thank you John !

I went with my first reply from a Nachi member … which is similar to yours

No one here, except David, can tell whether there is an exposed wire end in the potential hole at the tip of the tape that is wrapped around the wires. If there is an exposed wire there, it would be a potential safety hazard. IMHO


Would a licensed Electrical Contractor leave a panel like that ?

Maybe, maybe not but a qualified electrician wouldn’t. IMHO


It’s perfectly fine to have unused conductors in a panel as long as they are terminated appropriately.

Thank Larry … I went with your verbiage. I’m in California where people
will sue you in a heart beat…You have really cover yourself in Cali …

You’re welcome, David! :smile:

So what did you write up as the defect?


I’m glad that you jumped back in on this one.