Purchasing Spore Traps

I am not new to Mold Testing. I would just like to get an update on what brand spore traps you are using, where you buy them and the price.

don’t bother mentioning anything about ProLab.

I use emsl there prices are reasonable and quick turn arounds

Allergenco D, they are free if you have your samples analyzed by my lab, Springfield Indoor Air Quality.

I prefer Allegenco D as well…

Anyone else ? I have been using emsl lab and the air-o-cell cassettes.


I also use Allergenco D they are free with lab analysis 22.50 also includes free FedEx shipping back to the lab. IMS laboratory.

Only in the US I Bet correct me if I’m wrong


I think they also service Canada you can call the at 877-665-3373 ask for Bob at tell them Matt at Trademark Home Inspection sent you over. Also the air-o-cells are the same price.