Purchasing Tool?

As president of The MIPGC, this chapter was fundamentally designed to improve a home inspectors reporting methods.To set a minimum standard of reporting compliance. Thus yielding a Reporting standard for INACHI Quebec members.

I have been working on home inspection electronics packages for our INACHI and MIPGC members for years.
If / when you are considering electronic measurement or any type of inspection electronics equipment, like infrared or moisture meters, call PRIMO Instruments in Montreal or visit the store.
4407 Rue de Charleroi, Montréal, QC H1H 1T6 +1 888-774-6665

Ask to speak to Joe Duvervil. Mention Robert Young Montreal’s home inspector mentioned 10% discounts for InterNACHI members. He will request you NACHI ID number at the time of the purchase:-)

I have yet to have one of their competitors bet there sales. I have saved thousands. No following.

Safe inspecting everyone.