Putting an electric heater in garage fire wall

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Is it against building code to install an electric heater, like a Cadet heater, inside a garage in the firewall between the garage and house?

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First off, sorry for such a late response to your question. An electric space heater in a firewall of a garage......don't know that I've ever encountered that so this will be my view based on codes.

First off, the space heater would have to meet approval for installation in fireresistance rated assemblies. This would be information that I'd want in writing from the manufacturer. Similar to outlet boxes. Also would have to meet a minimum distance parameter (like an outlet box) from other outlets or penetrations in the wall.

Second, the heater in a garage would have to meet mechanical codes. Depending on the heater, it might have to meet elevation from the garage floor height requirements and also protection from vehicle damage.

Most of the small space heaters that I've seen require a front and side clearance to combustibles. In my opinion, it would be much more difficult to maintain that clearance in a garage than inside of the dwelling (such as in a foyer area). I think most would agree, garages usually contain many forms of combustibles!!

Is it against building code? That's a loaded question. Is it practical or safe? Absolutely not!!

Any penetrations in a fire wall are compromising the primary function of it.

Just my view, perhaps others will give theirs?

Apologies again for the delayed response and welcome to the board!!

Sue Cieslewicz

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You reaolly need to check with your local AHJ. In Florida the garage is exempt from the 1hr fire rated separation between an attached garage and an R3 (residential) space. The FBC is based on the IRC I believe.

Only the garage ceiling must be protected, if there is R3 space above it.