PVC 40 used for water lines

Entire house “re-plumbed” with PVC 40 pipe. I’ve read/understood that typically shouldn’t be used for potable water lines inside the home. Need some feedback on this. Any help/insight/links is always appreciated! BTW, the hot lines were CPVC, so that’s not an issue.



PVC is not suitable for Hot water lines. Period.

Make sure it is PVC and not CPVC which is OK.

IRC doesn’t list it as a choice(P2904.5) but some municipalities do allow it for cold water only.

BTW, did you call out the improper trap installation? It appears as though they put two in with one upsidedown in an S-trap.

See the last sentence of OP.

Not quite following you here? It was PVC, which I originally said.

I missed your CPVC comment but what I posted is correct.

PVC is allowed in some jurisdictions for the cold side.

From what I’ve read over the net, it seems like they only it allow it for the main and not the water lines.

There was plenty to “call out” at this one :neutral: