PVC roof covering?

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Can anyone offer insight to this roof covering material on the low sloped roof illustrated in provided photos? The roof covering looks like PVC to me but I’m not too familiar with this material. The roof looked good minus the signs of aging from the alligatored surface. No evidence of leaking, however there was no attic space under this low sloped roof. Based on the alligatored surface I’m leaning towards recommending a roofers evaluation but could use advice on what other information I could offer the client. Thanks!

Well, I can tell you what it is not, and that would be PVC.
Looks more of a flooded asphaltic membrane.


Yes, it does look more like asphalt membrane…that was painted/covered over with something on part of it. The alligatoring looks pretty aged.

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Because it’s green even though it’s white. LOL

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That roof is beyond useful life. Needs replaced

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That’s for sure… :smile:


From here looks like modified bitumen that was repaired/mopped over with some petroleum goop (tech term :slight_smile: ) and possibly silicone covering on the white section. Partial coatings might indicate incomplete repairs due to leaks. Hard to tell without being there. I would pay close attention to the interior area under repairs, for example if it had adjacent drywall/ceiling repairs as well.

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Thanks to all for their input and information attachments. Very helpful!

Very helpful video. Thanks for posting. Now I find myself wondering why the coating was only applied to 25% of the low sloped roof…

Those were the really bad areas, Jared… :smile:

Copy that Larry. I agree and expressed that concern with the buyer. In my 3 years of inspecting, I just see roll roofing or tar and gravel. The materials and application had me scratching my head.