QOD 03-24-06 Private water systems

Another private water system question.

Can add to the pole and ask how many inspectors offer well testing.

If you answer yes do you offer water sampling or flow rate testing.

I personnaly dont do private well or septic. I refer to the local counties.


I offer well water testing. I take a water sample on-site, then bring this water to a local lab that is approx. 10 minutes (drive) from my house.

Same. :wink:

I offer well recovery rate testing, and follow a protocol developed by Goulds Pumps, Inc. I have to disclaim a lot though, recovery rates can vary alot from seasonal issues, drought, etc.

In VA one has to be certified for water quality testing.



Certified by the VA? I take VA/FHA water samples all the time. I am not certified. I take them to a local lab. I’ve never had a problem.


I also do a flow test, gal. per. min. Visual and probing of the septic. Septic letter and diagram of the the property showing the distances of the well casing from any structure on the property; septic, distribution box and drain field. I do this for a mortgage company in Ft. wayne that does a lot of VA/FHA loans.

I think he means Va=Varginia :mrgreen: not Veterans Association

Dang one to many beers tonight.

I do offer testing of wells, flow rate, water quality, whatever they need. It just adds to the profit margin and helps give complete service.

Back here the county does the testing for free and it’s required before closing so water testing won’t make sense.

The answer is A. Short cycling can damage a submersible pump motor because the heat generated during the start sequence takes about 1 minute to dissipate. Repeated starts under one minute apart can damage the motor start winding insulation causing premature failure of the motor.