QOD 2/21/2006 Appliances

More questions on appliances.

None of the above - I don’t inspect Central vacuum systems, I disclaim it in the report and in my agreement.


Same here we do not do central vacs.

Me neither…

I do, my state SOP requires inspecting all built in appliances including whole house vacuums (TREC 535.229 j).

we do not test them either…we install them…lol…but dont test them…:slight_smile:

What Timothy said.

What he said

I guess y’all don’t want anymore central vacuum questions.

ya think?:wink: :wink: :roll:

I don’t test them either, but I sure don’t have a problem with learning about it.

Thanks Greg :smiley:

Test 'em every time…thanks Greg!

Don’t test them either

I place a golf ball in each outlet, then count-them up at the end of the inspection. Assuming I recover all of the golf balls, my report states,

"Fully serviceable central vacuum system. Will suck a golf ball through a garden hose, if necessary."


What Todd said. Thank You Greg

Well aren’t you just special, Todd. :smiley:

The correct answer is D.