QOD 7/8/2006 Darwin Awards (part deux)

Hi to all,

Here is todays question.

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Made me think you rascal Gerry.


Not all spray foam is fire rated for use on flues. How can you tell after the fact?

I do not think any of it is rated for flues. I believe the stuff I linked to is firestopping material, a little different I believe but I could be wrong.

Pipe in any time Gerry.

Abesco FP200 Fire Rated Expanding Foam is a fire rated polyurethane expanding foam designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one compartment to another through gaps and voids of fire rated walls or floors. The FP200 Fire Rated Expanding Foam provides an insulating seal to concrete, brick, wood, metal, aluminum and steel.

There are also other examples on the market. However, I have only seen black, red and brownish fire rated foams so far. If there is any doubt recommend the buyer to have the seller to find out the material used.