QOD for 1/16/2006 HVAC

Hi to all,

Here’s todays question.



Picture courtesy Joe Griffin

nowthatsjuststupidgriffin (Small).jpg

Gerry I really like the copper pipe across the front of it restricting it’s movement.

Or was I not supposed to notice that?

Hi Larry,

No that is fine, in fact I encourage the discussion of what is wrong in the pictures so long as the correct answer is not given until the following day :mrgreen:

BTW for my friends in the South this item is part of a piece of equipment designed for heating water so it can be pumped around the house to warm it up, it’s called a B-O-I-L-E-R.



Never seen one in Sunny South Carolina (not in the Low Country anyhow!)

Boiler rings a bell Gerry, but where:p is the south?

Brian, in your case that would be Tuscon :mrgreen:



Gerry, I remember those things called boilers. They had them on the first two U.S. Navy ships I was on, we used them there for heat too, as well as propulsion to make the big thing go through the water. :wink:

i vote for…
D) a copper pipe.

In that case, I’m not too fond of the South Gerry.:stuck_out_tongue:

The word draft is visible in the picture


Nearly forgot, the correct answer to this question is:

Barometric damper



Ok fine. Give me a Hartford Loop, I’m sure I’ll get that right.:slight_smile:

The damper is installed upside down. The adjustable weight is suppose to be on the bottom.