QOD for 11/16/08 Electrical

Hi to all,

I still see alot of questions on this subject both on the BB and at my seminars.

Take a look at the image first:

IMG_0082 (Small) (2).JPG

I can give you the following information:

  • 200 amp meter
  • 1/0 AL SECs
  • Panel rated @ 150 amp



IMG_0082 (Small) (2).JPG

IMG_0082 (Small) (2).JPG

IMG_0082 (Small) (2).JPG


Don’t I just add up all those breakers in the panel to get my Amperage?

You can do it that way Dave, but only if you remember to divide the total by the square root of your shoe size (or hat size of course if it’s a Leap year) :shock::shock::shock::wink:



I’ve always divided the total breaker amount by square footage of the home.

No wonder why I’m getting so many calls from Electricians stating that I’m an idiot.

I am not an electrical Guru by far, but would not the rating be as much as the main breaker and the rating of the meter and wire size.?

Known facts;

Meter= 200 amps

Panel= 150

Breaker= ?

Wire size and make Copper or Allum. = ?

How can we guess on the answer.?

Since the amp rating of the panel is 150 that is the maximum it should be, not.?
Can’t tell from anything else, but then, I am just a dump hammer swinger:mrgreen::wink:

Marcel :):smiley:

I guess you need to stick with the hammer Marcel :mrgreen::mrgreen::wink:

Thanks, I will remember that one Coon, :twisted::mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

Marcel :):smiley:

David I have done most of the calculations but I need to plug your shoe size into my equation. Please post your shoe size ASAP.

Alright Gerry, I voted, and now we see how this hammer did. ha. ha.

Hint; I am in the top percentile range right now so is that good or bad. ?

Must be other hammers around. :mrgreen:;):):smiley:

Good one~
The big tip should be 1/0 AL.

What can I tell you Marcel, take your pick from these 2 quotes

  • Great minds think alike;-)
  • Fools seldom differ;-)

The way to think about this issue is, which component is the lowest rated, as that is the one that becomes the fuse, whether intended to be or not :shock::frowning:



Hey, Gerry, I think I am winning.

What do I win.???


I forget are we hammer swingers or blockies?

teaser + or minus shoe size

Well it sure does look like I am no Sparky Matt. :mrgreen::wink:

Hey, don’t forget to hit the lug with hammer to make sure it don’t come loose. :mrgreen::wink:

You got me on this one… As I hit the vote button I’m thinking AL wire… Ohhhhhh too late. #-o

It looks like the cable could have a rating of anywhere from 125 A to 170 amp (e.g. TW vs. THHW vs. THHN).

It needs a main breaker rated to the lower of the cable rating or the panel rating.

Hi Ralph, you sure?? :wink:



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