QOD for 2/16/2006 New Contruction

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IRC R303.1 has a different number than what is provided. Guess I will round it up.

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Ok what is room glazing?

Window panes

The area of the window or point of egress must be 5.7 cubic feet, and not more than 44" to the sill.

That being code and all, the area must be 10% of the floor space.

Go figure.?

If your room is 1500 sq. ft. how big does you egress have to be???

Most rooms of this size have a door to the outside.

Boy Todd, you are thinking that hard you are giving ME a headache :mrgreen:



Just doing my job sir.

Just doing my job sir.:wink:

what is this glazing you speak of?

In this case it’s just the size of the window opening to make sure there is proper egress. It’s a problem here in Tucson as alot of folks have security bars on there windows( myself included).

It is really just a common sence thing… Can the people that live here get out easily? Can the fire department get IN easily.

I am not one to do all the measurments to make sure it’s OK, but if it looks bad it probably is, and then I get out the tape and check it out.

The biggest problem I find is second story windows that are floor to ceiling. They need guards up from the floor to keep kids from walking out.

Ask a Glazier.:stuck_out_tongue:

I do not believe the original question is about egress Todd, maybe illumination.