QOD for 4/22/06 Pests

Hi to all

Here is todays question



IMG_0342 (Small).jpg

Hey Gerry,

We see a lot of that in Florida.

I hear you Greg, this piece came from my friends house across the street just last week, I also used to see quite a bit of this pest up in New England as well.

I think these little buggers are just about everywhere.



We have a bunch around here as well.

Stayed in a chalet in Tenn. that was littered with these and just freshly treated (properly) a couple died about half in and half out of the hole. I’d like to get ahold of some of that powder to keep the spiders out of my house if it acted that quickly!

Around here we would call them “wood boring insects” and refer for further evaluation by an expert.

Hi to all,

The correct answer was **Beavers :wink:

Oh Ok that wasn’t one of the options we’ll go with Carpenter Bees **then :smiley:



BTW Dave V do you still have the Roof Beaver image?