Qod for 5/23/06 Plumbing

Hi to all,

here’s todays question





Glad to see the QOD back.

Whats a Roof Beaver look like, anyone have a picture of one.
Don’t find them in NE Georgia.




Bill, the roof beaver is a very shy and illusive animal, I have only ever seen a picture of one and that was a long time ago, posted by Dave Valley, maybe if he sees this he can repost it.



A roof beaver has short, fluffy hair with a round, flat tail. His blue eyes are sky-blue pink and he lives on the roof. His only diet is asphalt shingle granules (and you thought it was heat and rain that destroyed shingles) and occasionally galvanized roofing nail heads.

He weighs somewhere between somethig or another, more or less, and maybe not.


Thanks for the clarification on that. And to think I thought those asphalt shingle granules went down the gutter drain…oh, wait, maybe they still do in the form of roof beaver scat.

Squirrels?..I could swear it looks like roof beaver damage.

…or maybe a raccoon.

Ithought it was from the roofer tring to get the lead flashing to fit on the stack