QOD for 9/30/08 Underfloor Furnace

Underfloor Furnace

and the question was ???

Jim, Brain gives the answer…**you **have to supply the question.:D:D

If you don’t know the answer, it will be ok. :wink:


I can see that wording these questions can be tricky. :smiley:

Sorry to mislead you Chris.

Ooooppps indeed, Romans??? ;):mrgreen::shock:

just like the magnificent Karnak !!!..I get it now…

I didn’t want to give the answer away before you posted the question. :eek::slight_smile:
Roman world

Underfloor heating was first used by the Romans. Initially the preserve of the rich, underfloor heating became increasingly commonplace in public buildings and villas, particularly in the colder regions of the Roman Empire.

I am a fan on Ondol heating myself.

This is why we usually leave the QOD up to professionals like Gerry !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

ouch !!!

Agreed, I think that is a good question, and I applaude The Brian for offering to help out



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I agree, with your “agreed”, with Jims “Ouch”… :wink:

I think Brians’ question was great (hope I got it right :shock:)

Just funnin with the guy!!! :smiley:

(I know, I know… my sense of humor gets weird at times) :stuck_out_tongue:


did the voices tell You to say that Gerry ???

Yes, but here’s what’s weird … they were unanimous :(:shock::wink:


I personally applaud anyone that takes the time and effort to help with the education process here…say what you want about this organization …for me it’s about the education…jmo…jim

Once I started writing the question these were my exact thougths too Jeffery. :smiley:

I believe after my first crack at a QOD could have definetly been worded better.

Anyway, the receptable should be within 25’ from the furnace not 20’,
per 2003 codes. irc 1305.1.4.2 umc 309.0

An underfloor furnace on a slab is ok or suspended 6" above grade or PMI (Per Manufacturers Instructions).

So what you’re saying is that there are actually two correct answers , since two of those items are not required.

Yeah… that definitely could have been smoother.

Way to represent AZ Brian .:wink:

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