Québec adopting Inspector Legislation - again

Last April 4th, the new Québec (provincial) government tabled Bill 16, an omnibus bill covering several aspects of residential legislation among which is inspector legislation. This is the third consecutive government to table this type of legislation.

As opposed to the previous Government (last year), this piece of legislation is not under Consumer Protection but Municipal Affairs and will be enforced by the “Régie du Bâtiment du Québec” (Quebec Building Regulator).

InterNACHI-Québec (as well as other interested parties) has been invited to present a brief and we met with officials earlier this month to present our ideas. This is an on-going process and will take some time to finalize. Will it improve consumer protection, quality of service, add value, etc.? That remains to be seen!

Updates to follow.


I remember the last time you got involved, Gill.

Funny, the RBQ AHJ were sanctioned several times for looking the other way in the past.

So were to add my brief. Link please.

Here is a link to the bill. Thanks, Gill.
bill No16 quebec

Hi Robert, hope you are well.

We appeared before a National Assembly Committee on this Bill a few days after it was tabled and made our views known to this government. We are also in very close contact with the RBQ and more particularly its President Michel Beaudoin. Nothing has taken off as yet and we await the Fall Session until something does happen. We do want every interested party to be heard, have a grandfather clause for existing inspectors and a “buffer” period of at least one year before any permit is required.


With all due respect. InterNACHI Proper and InterNACHI Quebec are one in the same.
Our views? Hm.

Personally, I find it difficult to comprehend why all inspectors were not notified via email, a round table convened prior meeting the minister with the government concerns made pubic to attending inspectors and a list of concerns handed to the minister or at the very least a list of what the governments concerns were give to members at their request.

Gilles, InterNACHI Quebec is doing a good job. Avoiding the message board is not in a members best interest. Thanks for the post. More must be done to reach out to all InterNACHI members in Quebec.