Question about radon agreement

Anyone know why the radon inspection agreement at [size=2]]( references the InterNACHI SOP? There is nothing in the SOP that says anything about radon. Shouldn’t that referece something else? Is there an InterNACHIradon SOP that it should reference instead?

I’m at a loss as well. Has to be a reason however currently I’m not seeing it. If NACHI is going to referrence something IMO they should referrence…

As for a InterNACHI Radon SOP no such thing unless they are hiding it somewhere. What’s odd is if you pass the mold online training through NACHI university you can join IAC2 and display both the combined Mold and Radon logos from how I understand it atleast. NACHI university nor anywhere else on the NACHI site is there training available when it comes to Radon. I may be playing with a illusional ball far out in left field here however currently that’s how I see it.

Maybe it should have referenced the code of ethics instead of the standards of practice.

Yea maybe so. Ricki how did you get certified as a Radon tech? I see the logo on your displaying. Did you find any training with the NACHI website?

Nick told me via e-mail that he thought is was to reverence a document with all our exclusions and disclaimers by pointing to our SOP that basically says we don’t do everything. He said he was going to run it by Mark Cohen though. Hopefully by sometime next week we’ll have a good answer.

Ask him to how taking a mold course trains us for Radon? Why can we advertise the fact that we are Radon qualified without taking any formal training?

I don’t think that’s accurate, but you can "" with any specifics you like.

I am using the IAC2 “radon” logo, because I took some AARST training, and sent in proof. They then certified me because of that.

I believe with the mold training, you can only use the IAC2 “mold” logo.

Ok that makes sense.

I took a Radon Inspections and Measurements course at Environmental Solutions Association in Williamsport, PA to be able to take the NEHA certification test which was administered there after the class. After doing this it gave me the qualification to become Radon certified in NY, Pennsylvania

Ricky, save yourself some money and don’t pay NEHA for their certification. Send your test results to Nick, and you can have IAC2 certification for free.


Since when did PA and NY accept IAC2 certification to get their radon license/certifications? Thought I would have heard about it before now. What a breakthrough! Do any other State Radon Offices officially accept IAC2 for radon certification?

Shawn Price

I have no idea, I don’t live in either of those states. But remember, not all states have requirements.

Billy, although you can join IAC2 by taking either a mold or radon course (doesn’t have to be ours), you can only use the logo that matches your qualifications. This from IAC2’s FAQ section:

And this from IAC2’s logo page:

Here are the 3 different logos to choose from:

And yes, membership in IAC2 is free.

Mark, thank you for working with out Attorney Mark Cohen on this matter. He has made a slight adjustment to Paragraph 3 to say “current industry standards”:


Yea I’m aware of that. I hope to be done with the massive Mold course something before Santa arrives! :slight_smile: Great course! My question is I don’t see where NACHI has a Radon course. Am I missing it?

No, we don’t have a radon course yet. It is slated but the next one we have coming out next week is “How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion”

I LOVE the AIC2 logo. I wanted to put it on my tuck also as a magnetic sign, although I cant seem to get a high enough resalution file to have it made.
I wanted a 12" large circle with the smaller circles attached.
The logo looks professional although you need to be qualified somewere else to make it lagid!
The NY and PA certification to be qualified to use CRM’s is a lot of paperwork.

Ricky, Hi Res:

Also the QA/QC program you need to submit to NY is given to you free by the manufacturer of your CRM.