Question about tools

Hello to every body?
I would like to know which type of car is suitable for home inspection and from where I can buy my tools.


i get most of my tools here

i drive a pickup with a cap
depends what your carrying in ladders and so on for a transportation
another source of tools

Thanks wayne. It was helpful.

Does anyone know of any good Canadian websites selling inspection tools. Those site you listed Wayne have great prices, but after exchange and duty, it wouldn’t be worth the expense. I haven’t found any Canadian sites selling stuff yet; but I haven’t search all to hard either.

Greg try you local Marshals ( heat And Air) or Frontier. Unless they went out of business , i haven’t back for about 12 years

Sounds like a good business to get into…

I don’t live in Canada and therefore can’t answer this question. :mrgreen:

Thanks Wayne, I’ll try looking for those two. ships to Canada.

Your car question answered here:

Went and checked it out! Wow, that sounds like a good deal with all the perks that come along with it! Still wondering what duty will be on an the IR cam though. Any one here ever buy the Fluke TiR Thermal Imager
from the

Don’t forget our InterNACHI mall for moisture meters model
**Model CT858 or Model CT808 Reads0 to 99% and can be calabrated for different materials such as concrete and tile which is what I have mine set at. **

I have used the 808 four five or six years. good machine and good service.


For local suppliers go to,

Mukhtar Malawiya

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