Question/advice National home inspectors exam

What (if any) are the benefits of taking this test??? (other than taking my hard earned money) Does this test qualify a person for licensing in the various states? who puts on this test?

Think my money would be better spent joining NACHI???!!!

Some states use the NHIE, some have their own like CT, IL, NY and TX. Answers to them are at and none are very difficult.

Depends on what your state requires. In IL, as Nick stated, we have our own test to get licensed. So, in IL taking the NHIE is a waste of $$.


Thanks for the information!!! After researching this, it appears that this is a ASHI sponsered test, NOT independent of any organization influence. And. in fact going to the exam web sight, not a mention of their association/in bed with ASHI Certaintly was NOT disclosed to me when I called/visited the exam web sight, and then talked to a representative!!! The states I am interested in are: California, Oregon, Washington.And they (on the phone) did admit they are not recognized AS YET in those states, BUT “are working on it”!!! H have come to the conclusion they are a “for Profit” marketing association.

Thanks, saved me $$$$ which I can now use to join NACHI!!!

Think they ASHI needs a lesson in truth in advertising and disclosure!!!

Steve Meyer
Washington State