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I had a gentleman who owns a manufactured home.He is refinacing and has added a center block foundation around the unit.It is width 16ft by 54 one unit that had wheels.I was hired to inspect the foundation.The home was resting level on the foundation will a 2x4 sill and achor straps every 12 ft. and the metal frame(exterior) was achored.This is a FHA loan now tomorrow is closing.I recieved a call their need a fha structural engineer for this.Anyone Fha structural engineers out there.Is this common?Or there a speical form that supposed to be fill out.I never ran acroos this.


I get 2 or 3 calls a month for an “engineering inspection” for a Manuf. Home Foundation. I always refer them to a licensed SE or PE (there’s a couple in our phone book that say foundation inspections) to complete the required FHA paperwork…

Same Here. I refer on.

Yes, it is common, in fact it is required. Just from what you described it would not make the grade for a foundation inspection. The concrete wall is little more than very sturdy skirting. The tie downs and related equipment is what the FHA guys are interested in.

I have already perform the inspection.The customer wanted me to assure it was done correcly.Now the bank does not want this they want a structural engineer.I didn’t know if there were certain form for the FHA to fill out or not.I guess I will refund the money.The secures tie downs were adequate wall line plumb,and the home on wheel was fasten tt the center block foundation.It dont seem right for the bank make this man pay for a structural engineer when hes owned the home for years and only refinacing.

That’s just it…he doesn’t own the home, the bank does and they want to know their investment isn’t going to blow away the first big wind the comes along. The anchors you described were too far apart and/or not enough of them. Depending on how old they were, they may have been older steel anchors and not hot dipped galvanized as is required now. The rules have changed several times and anytime a home changes hands, is refinanced they are going to want it to meet the current standards just like a brand new one. This most often calls for a total retrofit if it is real old and at minimum an upgrade. The law in FL (may be in GA too) the only person who can sign the clearance letter is an engineer.

Curtis, the Bank wants to make sure the foundation is still there after the MH blows away. :roll:

I don’t know why Loren Chewning isn’t on here but this is what Chewning Inspection services specializes in and he is a member of NACHI. Send them to him if an engineering report is required 813 962 4654.