Question: Crawlspace or not a Crawlspace?

So I have not yet gotten started on my home inspection career, I am waiting for my husband to exit the Military and us move back to Florida so I can take the state test. I have taken all required courses and passed my InterNACHI exam. I am going back over the topics and I have a question about crawlspaces.

Back in our home town there are many homes that are pier and beam homes, there usually is no skirting around the home its all open, so my question is would that be considered a crawlspace? If not what would it be considered? And if it is how do I inspect it without calling the whole crawlspace being deficient and needing the sheeting and skirting? OR should I state that in the report.

Thank you for your time, and again I am just getting started.

Recommend that you post this question in the Florida section so that your reply will be qualified for the area you intend to inspect in as regions use different terms for the same item.

IMO… there are distinct differences between a P&B and Crawlspace (Stemwall) foundations.

Thank You Jeffrey Jonas, I will look for the Florida form now.