1st commercial inspection, questions

Doing a small, 7k, one story, 30 year old, single tenant office building. How much do I need to concern myself with current safety items such as sprinkler system, fire rated walls, GFCI’s, or other current fire, safety codes that werent in effect when building was built. Not really my call what local fire safety and code officials may or may not require of new owner and don’t want to kill the deal for seller on items that may not be a issue for anybody. Any advice on what issues should be reported on these issues any any wording advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Myself, I take in consideration of how old the building is. I do pay close attention to fire safety. I always recommend an inspection by the local fire marshall. No matter how old the building is it needs to meet current fire codes, at least in my area it does. The building, electrical, and plumbing codes are so poorly enforced in my area that going against a code official is like spitting in the wind.

My advice is to disclaim all life/safety items. One must specifically state that it is beyond the scope of the inspection in the SOW, report, and the Agreement.

The only way to confirm anything, beyond an observation as to the presence of said items, is to bring the AJH to the inspection. Either that, or gat paid for document review and do some research.

These are the types of things we speak to in the Commercial Inspection Course.

We’ll be in Georgia later this month, as a matter of fact…

Thought I read in a post that the courses were canceled for Atl as well as others. If not, I definately want to sign up.

I have been downloading the commercial agreement and sop this morning. Gonna look it over, but, was figuring deferring to the fire and code people was the thing to do as far as what was needed to bring up to standard. Think in Ga. most buildings arent required to update unless remodeled. Though in my county safety inspections and new CO’s are required with each new tenant, if it is actually enforced that is.

Thank for the other replies. :cool:

Dont know where you read that any of my courses were cencelled. They are full steam ahead!

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May have been a older message from earlier this year. I have a tendency to go way back and review alot of the old posts. I plan on signing up later today. Thanks

Any chance your courses qualify for ICC continuing ed?