Question for membership?

Do the 1000 inspections have to be all home inspections? Or can we apply other real estate inspections towards the 1000?

What kind of real estate inspections? Single system inspections?

as of today I have 7,963 roof inspections completed in the last 9 years.

110 home inpections last year

around 50 home inspections in 2002-03

also about 200 home inspections for farmers ins. in 2002-2004

How many educational hours?

Personal opinion. The roof inspections don’t count. The insurance inspections don’t count. They are too limited in scope and a “Master Inspector” needs more all around inspections than the specific roof or “lite version” insurance inspection.

The educational credits help but it would be a sham certification if it was based strictly on CEU’s and/or roof inspections.

I was just asking…not like I am applyng today on this…last I checked you dont make the rules…Nick and his staff do…

That’s why my first two words were “personal opinion”. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. A Certified Master Inspector designation should not be degraded by allowing hundreds of single system inspections or draw inspections to count towards what should be a difficult designation to obtain. You would never see anyone get a Certified Master Electrician designation by simply installing outside yard lighting.

I’ve done over 2000 draw inspections. Can I be a CMI too?? Pretty please.:mrgreen:

I agree. Allowing limited inspections to count takes credability away from this designation.

Brian, those numbers average out to 17 roof inspections a week for 9 years? How much do you make??

If I told you; you would not belive me…lol…I wish I was getting 17 a week right now…more like 17 a month… 2004 I did 1760 and in 2007 I did about 500…my best day ever was 37! :mrgreen: