Certified Master Inspector - Requirements?

Can someone advise me of the educational / experiencial requirements to obtain the CMI designation? Is there an application process? Must I provide certificates of completion for each of the courses that I have taken?

Perhaps there is web page somewhere on the NACHI site that I haven’t been able to find that outlines all of this.

Thanks in advance.

Joe Skrypka

Go to: http://www.certifiedmasterinspector.org/

Michael - thanks for the quick reply.


It was 100 hours combined lifetime CE and inspections but now that a selcet few got in under the wire it has been raised to 1000. Cute.

Gee “select few” how where you discriminated against .
The NACHI members asked to have the qualifications raised .

You could have joined earlier now you want to cry sour grapes .

I saw some Condos go on sale last year for $125,000:00 and now they are $240,000:00 should I complain about the select few .

Insidently I could still meet the new qualifications

Roy Cooke

You hit the nail on the head, now they cry wolf.


…and the horse you rode in on Roy! I could give a crap if you could meet the new requirments or not. Being fairly new I was just at the previous number and ready to sign up when the 100 showed up.

I’m not that big on the idea of the CMI but thought it woud be a nice addtional cred. Being inspectors we all know that some (probably plenty)of the inspectors that qualify for the higher numbers have slept through a lot of their CE classes and do some pretty substandard inspections.

I have sat around many a table of long time inspectors (mostly ASHI and NAHI) who give airs of thiking deserve a metal. Listening to them talk about inspection practices I am often amazed at how these guys keep their licenses and haven’t been sue for everthing they’ve got.

Now if they the CMI’s that got in with 100 are then required to get to 1000 within a specified time that would be ideal.

Bottom line, Y


U completly misread my post.

The idea that one guy has a CMI with 100 hours/inspections while the very next day a new CMI has to have 1000 is nuts.

One can hardly consider the former being “grandfathered” in to an organization that is so young.

I do not see what part of your post I got wrong but If you had been reading the board all along you would have seen there was a serious discusion on how some did not like the system and the disusion continued for many posts . To come along some time after and make the statement
( " selcet few got in under the wire it ") Sounds like sour grapes to me.
This post sort of confirms the same thing , being factious does not help. You have been a member since April 05 the way I read it made over 300 posts so should have seen what the members wanted .
It was not my doing or NICKs

Roy Cooke

What a thick head you just keep rambling on and reading emotions into simple factual statements.

You still completely misread my post and a pretty clear explanation didn’t penetrate so I’m off.


So sad please do not go away mad .
Roy Cooke

Has anyone realized a significant increase in “Anything” since using this logo?

Like anything else it has to be marketed in order for it to work. The CMI thing was debated for quite some time before any changes were made. I would venture to guess that very few know what all some of the early “select few” have in the way of training and experience. They might be very surprised at how much. The number went to 150 from 100 before it went to 1000 and that after much debate. The price also went up so there was plenty of time for anyone who didn’t hesitate to get “under the wire”.

I know an inspector on the Gulf Coast who markets his CMI cred very aggressively, and he tells me it’s paying off. He actually designed a hand-out describing what a CMI’s qualifications are; yet another way for him to differentiate himself from the competition.

I agree with Doug that, “like anything else it has to be marketed in order for it to work.” Otherwise, it’s just another tool gone unused.

After years of discussion regarding the qualifications required to earn the CMI professional designation, it finally opened with a 100-100-100 formula (100 inspections, 100 continuing education hours and 100 weeks in business). The first few applicants all had several thousand inspections under their belt and complained that number of inspections needed to be raised and that number of weeks in business meant nothing. This resulted in the requirements being changed to:

  1. Completing 1,000 fee-paid inspections or hours of inspection-related continuing education (combined) in their lifetime.
  2. Abiding by the industry’s toughest Code of Ethics.
  3. Substantially following a Board approved Standards of Practice.
  4. Submitting to a criminal background check.
  5. Applying for Board certification by signing the affidavidt in front of a Notary.

The Master Inspector Certification Board wrote its own tough COE. SOP’s from ASHI, CAHPI, CREIA, FABI, ISHI, NACHI and TREC have been approved and the board uses them.

www.certifiedmasterinspector.org is not a direct lead generator…

Most CMI’s are using their professional designation to argue for higher fees. When someone calls and asks “How much do you charge for an inspection?” , CMI’s are saying “I charge about $100 more than my competitors because I am a Certified Master Inspector. You are spending a lot of money on your new home, you’d better spend an extra $100 and have it inspected by a CMI.” It’s a killer response that works every time.

The CMI professional designation is already supporting higher fees for the designation holders. Remember folks, it is the top of our industry that has to charge higher fees and lift the ceiling so the rest of us can raise our fees up underneath them. Cheer them on.

After hearing that reasoning I guess I will have to break down and become a CMI. I am all for anything that will raise the inspection fee.

---------Inspectors not something after your name ups fees -----------

Mr client does not know a CMI from an ICC

Get the CMI because you qualify and want to send your $$ to a good cause not because it will make you more $$

In short people find about your skills after you do the inspection based on the quality of your services – the letters after your name will go away if you do not do your job

A while ago I missed a broken window in a detached garage and I put $50.00 on the table to make it right

Yes, it was visible and I missed it. I did not do a quality inspection and that client will not pass my name to another – I lost

If you want to tell a client that you are good - tell them that you meet all the requirements for XXX and that your will be sending all documation in the near future. They will never know the difference that it is a $$ issue

BTW make sure you qualify when you say so

With ICC tell them that you have gone to ICC boot camp and are getting ready to take the exam. – They will think it was 12 weeks in Great Lakes Ill etc. – not a few hrs in XXX.

It is all marketing -



Welcome aboard Greg!

Rising fees, like a rising tide, lifts all boats.

There was a lot of thought that went into the name of the professional designation “Certified Master Inspector” in that unlike ambiguous qualfications that the average consumer doesn’t apprecieate (Member of NACHI, ICC certified, E&O insurance, etc) every consumer instantly gets it when they hear or see “Certified Master Inspector.” It is a professional designation that can’t be trumped in terms of real requirements… and also like Richard points out… can’t be trumped in terms of marketing. If I was a home inspector (and I was), there is nothing I’d rather be.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: un beliveable, just another example of how you will do anything for a dollar and could care less about the quality of the product provided to the customer.

Weren’t you also a certified radon inspector ??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Sort of a low blow – this issue has all ready been addressed

After reading all the information about the case do you really think Nick did something wrong??

If he took the shot in the foot – how do you think it is relevant with NACHI at this time??

Or are you just posting to hear your own voice?