Question for Texas Inspectors -Conflict?

As a new inspector, I am only doing inspections part time. My other, full time work is as a contractor doing home repair and painting. A home that I did contract work on is being sold. The buyer has contacted me about inspecting this home. I made it known to buyer that I had done work for seller in the past. Buyer still wants me to do inspection. It is my understanding from reading on TREC web site, this might be a conflict. I know it would be a conflict if I offered to repair defects I found during an inspection for an additional fee.
Any opinions would be appreciatted.

Mac…personally, I would pass on that inspection. Technically, you could probably rationalize any potential conflict away but why would you want to? I’d refer another inspector if it were me to eliminate even the hint of any conflict. With your other business being home repairs then you are going to be running into this issue repeatedly I suspect.

BTW…I’m trying to keep track of new inspectors…what’s your license number?

I don’t see it being any more of a conflict of interest than a dentist has. He filled a tooth last year, and now he is doing a checkup to see what else might be wrong.

By the way, no one seems to think that there is a conflict for him if he fills a cavity that he finds while inspecting…


I would agree with Mike and take this one step further. Look at it from a liability stand point. You have worked on the home and if the buyer later finds anything that could be remotely connected to your work it could cause you some problems. Since Texas now requires E&O I would also speak with your insurance provider on this and how they would handle any claims. The E&O provider may also have qualms about this arrangement.

Manny…I’m pretty sure Mac is not a TREC licensed nor insured inspector.