Rain Gutter to No Where!

Ran across this rain gutter today; it’s a short little guy. It doesn’t discharge anywhere. How would you guys suggest this be reported?

Suggest a downspout be installed???

Gutter missing downspout, recommend repair by a qualified person. Could be a water trough for their pet giraffe. :wink: Nothing level but the gutters. :lol:

That is what I will do, just hadn’t ran into that before. The home is only two years old. But that doesn’t stop some contractors from cutting corners.

You mean cutting holes in the gutter for the downspout :wink:

There might be other problems here, did you check this out at the arrows?

If there isn’t yet there will be.

They may want to forget a gutter and install a "kick out " flashing

Here’s how its done at my house, a ferrule was used, the gutter is about 2 feet long sides of the portico, I have to clean the needles out, but the water does not stand in the gutter and breed mosquitos, an downspout extension is not needed because ferrule drips more than gushes.